Items Taken and Looted by the group



Dissertations on Conjugations, Latin Summa lvl 4 Q: 12
Basics of Binding Books, Profession: Scribe Summa lvl 2 Q: 15
Sciences of the Saracens, Artes Liberalis Summa lvl 4 Q: 10
Fortellings and Horoscopes, Artes Liberalis Tractatus Q10
Balancing the Humors, Medicine Tractatus Q 9
Order the Elements, Philosophiae Tractatus Q 8
Rules of Court, Etiquette Summa lvl 2 Q 8
Denizens of the Lower Planes: A Bestiary, Infernal Lore Summa lvl 3 Q: 10
Shearing the Magical Armor, Penetration Summa lvl 3 Q 7
Codex of Enoch, Language; Enochian Summa lvl 4 Quality 12
The Acts of Peter: Theology Summa lvl 3 Q 9
Apostolic Constitutions Divine Lore Summa lvl 4 q 10
Apophasis Megale Magic Lore Tractatus Q 12
Edicts of Augustus Civil and Cannon Law Tractatus 12
Recognition’s and Homilies of Pope Clementine Philosophiae Summa lvl 3 Q10
The Theophylacti Intrigue Summa lvl 3 Q 8
Ecclesiastical Conventions Org Lore: Catholic Church Summa lvl 3 Q9
Keystones and Foundations Profession Architecture Summa lvl 3 Q10
Foundations of Time Magic Theory Summa 4 Q 15
Ruminations on the Foundations Vol I magic theory Tractatus Q15
Ruminations on the Foundations Vol II magic theory Tractatus Q15
Ways of the Druid Diedne House Lore Summa lvl 3 Q: 8
The Way Initiation Scripts for Diedne House Mysteries

Magic Lore Summa lvl 3 Q: 10
Faerie Lore Summa lvl 2 Q: 8
Area Lore (Rhine River) Tractatus Q: 10

Rise Of Eternity, Creo Tractatus Q: 11
Listening to the In Perceivable, Intelligo Summa lvl 9 Q: 8
Shaping the World, Muto Summa lvl 9 Q: 12
Rats as Fish, Muto Tractatus Q: 11
Reach Of The Emperor, Rego Tractatus Q: 11
Denizens of the Black Forest Vol IV: Owls, Animal Summa lvl 8 Q: 11
Denizens of the Black Forest Vol XI: Deer, Animal Tractatus Q: 11
Denizens of the Black Forest Vol XIV: Wolves, Animal Tractatus Q: 11
The Life Aquatic, Aquam Summa lvl 11 Q: 13
The Body Basics, Corpus Summa lvl 8 Q: 11
Opening the Mind’s Expanse, Mentem Summa lvl 12 Q: 11
The Malleable Mind, Mentem Tractatus Q 12
Earth and Stone, Terram Summa lvl 6 Q: 10
Essence of Magic, Vim Summa lvl 7 Q: 10
Origins of the Gift, Vim Tractatus Q: 11

Lab Texts:
Lungs of the Fish MuAq Au 20
Talons of the Wind MuAu Re 20
Disguise of the New Visage MuCo 15
Coerce the Spirits of the Night ReMe 20
Wizard’s Communion MuVi 20
Sense the Nature of Vis InVi 5
Transferring the Essence of Vis ReVi 15
The Crystal Dart MuTe Re 15
True Sight of the Air InAu 15
Aura of Rightful Authority ReMe 20
Call to Slumber ReMe 10
Ring of Warding Against Spirits ReMe 15
Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm 10
Disguise of the Transformed Image MuIm 15
Words of Unbroken Silence CrMe 10
The Captive Voice ReIm25

110 levels untranslated lab texts from Rheinstein
300 levels of untranslated lab texts from Rosnov

A small silver trumpet
An ornate, gold-framed mirror is surrounded by a set of elaborate smaller mirror fragments
2 Quills


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