Ludolfus - Dossier and Character Creation


Humble peasant warrior-magus


+ 0 The Gift (Special)
+ 0 Hermetic Magus (free social status)
+ 0 The Enigma (Enigmatic Wisdom score of 1)
+ 1 Skilled Parens (Hermetic)
+ 1 Affinity with Enigmatic Wisdom (General)
+ 1 Puissant Enigmatic Wisdom (General)
+ 2 Great Strength (x2)
+ 2 Great Dexterity (x2)
+ 3 Giant Blood (General)

- 0 Higher Purpose: Take the Sins of Others (Criamon)
- 1 Covenant Upbringing: Cave of Twisting Shadows (General)
- 3 Compassionate
- 3 Blatant Gift
- 3 Disfigured

+ 0 Intelligence
+ 0 Perception
+ 6 Strength
+ 4 Stamina
- 3 Presence
- 3 Communication
+ 5 Dexterity
+ 1 Quickness

Athletics (Mountains) 2:0, Brawl (Dodging) 2:0, Native Language: German (Alpine Dialects) 5:0, Swim (Endurance) 2:0

Latin (Book Study) 3:0, Order of Hermes Lore (Mystery Cults) 2:0, Awareness (Imminent Danger) 1:0, Carouse (Staying Sober) 1:0, Folk Ken (Peasants) 1:0, Leadership (Intimidation) 1:0, Concentration (Maintaining Spells) 1:0, Stealth (Moving Silently) 1:0

Creo 0:0, Intellego 0:0, Muto 9:0, Perdo 0:0, Rego 5:0
Animal 1:0, Aquam 0:0, Auram 0:0, Corpus 9:0, Herbam 0:0, Ignem 0:0, Imaginem 0:0, Mentem 0:0, Terram 4:0, Vim 0:0

Artes Liberales (Ceremonial Magic) [Read/Write German, Latin] 2:0, Enigmatic Wisdom (Meditation Weapon) 4(6):1, Great Weapon (Pole Axe) 1:0, House Criamon Lore (The Paths) 1:0, Magic Lore (Creatures) 1:0, Magic Theory (Enchanting Items) 3:0, Mastery: Edge of the Razor (Harnessed Casting) 1:0, Mastery: Preternatural Growth and Shrinking (Harnessed Casting) 1:0, Parma Magica (Corpus) 3:0, Weapon Mastery (Pole Axe) 3:0 (Action Surge, Heavy Strike, Trip)

Edge of the Razor (MuTe20), Gift of Bear’s Fortitude (MuCo25), Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (MuAn15), Lungs of the Fish (MuAq/Au 15)(personal range), Preternatural Growth and Shrinking (MuCo10)(personal range), Endurance of the Berserkers (ReCo20)(sun duration), Wizard’s Sidestep (ReIm10), Preservation of the Giant’s Dignity (MuAn15), Closing the Gap (ReCo20)

Initiated “The Avenue of Faith in Strife and the Station of the Eater of Sin” (1/4 year)
Initiated “The Avenue that Splinters and the Station of Blood and Bronze” (1/4 year)
Initiated “Avenue of Charm and Scorn and the Station that repels and Attracts Elements” (1/2 year)

Opened Pole Axe for Enchantment (1/4 year)
Pole-axe: A shaft of ash wood topped with an axe-head made of mercury-tempered steel (giving it a distinctive straw-color). A magnet has been set into the heart of the axe-head. Cost: 8 pawns of vim vis (wood base 2, large staff x4)

  • Axe: destroy wood +4
  • Ash wood: harm people +2
  • Magnet: rego corpus +4, Rego +2, Rego Terram +4
  • Mercury: Muto +5, Aquam +3, Arts and Sciences +3, Terram +3

Attuned Pole Axe Talisman (1/4 year): Attuned bonus: Muto +5

Preparation for Enchantment of Pole Axe Talisman (1/4 year): Attuned bonus: Rego Corpus +4, 5 pawns of vim vis (total 13)

Preparation for Enchantment of Pole Axe Talisman (1/4 year): Attuned bonus: Harm People +2, 5 pawns of vim vis (total 18)

Compassionate +3, Calm +3, Brave +3



Full Leather Scale (Prot 5, Load 5), Pole Axe (Init +1, Atk +5, Dfn +0, Dmg +11, Str +1, Load 2), 10 pawns of Corpus vis

1. Who is your parens? What are they like? Where are they from? Did they survive the magical cataclysm?

Wilhelmus Frohn is an elderly magus, spindly in build, wispy haired, covered in Criamon tattoos. Despite his small frame, however, he’s a deadly shot with a bow, combining deep breathing and contemplation to hit impossible marks at unlikely distances. He was the eldest Criamon on the Path of Strife affiliated with the Domus Magnus of the House. He, and his filius, survived the cataclysm by virtue of their Path, which explicitly ties them to the material world through the willing sacrifice of ultimate sublimation for the good of others.

2. Do you have mundane family? Where do they live? What do they do?

Ludolfus was a child of grogs serving the Cave of Twisting Shadows. Like nearly everyone else anywhere near the “Axis Magica”, they vanished with the cataclysm. His father was a farrier for the covenant and his mother was a gardener.

3. Do you have any investment in some aspect of mundane society? If so, what is it?

Ludolfus was raised at the Cave of Twisting Shadows. His only interaction with “mundane society” was the covenant’s grogs, who barely count. He finds mundane society baffling most of the time, which is fine, because mundane society tends to find him terrifying.

4. How does your character view the magical cataclysm? How did your parens, if they are alive, deal with it?

The Cave of Twisting Shadows, Domus Magnus to House Criamon, is (in their eyes anyway) the magical axis of the entire world. Needless to say, it was not safe to be anywhere near it when the cataclysm occurred. Even Ludolfus and Wilhelmus were caught up in it, spiraling into apotheosis, but the Path of Strife eschews enlightenment and ties the adherent firmly and ritually to the mundane earth. It is the role of adherents of the Path of Strife to take the physical world’s corruption into themselves so that their fellows may remain pure and achieve exactly what Ludolfus and his sire believe them to have achieved in the cataclysm.

Ludolfus believes the cataclysm was a good thing, the magical apotheosis that signals the end of the world. He believes that the best and most potent magi were taken up, leaving only the depraved, the corrupt, or those too weak or tied to the physical world to yet achieve the hypostasis. For him, his duty hasn’t changed. He must continue to take on the sins of his brethren so that they may eventually join the rest of the Order in the Twilight Realm.

Ludolfus - Dossier and Character Creation

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