End Times

Faeries are hard; Let's go Shopping!

Pavlína Krejčová,

I trust this missive finds you well. As you requested, I am writing to let you know that two strange individuals came into my shop recently. They were seeking strange and rare books and scrolls. One of them gave me the same creepy tingle up my spine that I have experienced with other sorcerers. The other, a woman of all things, must have been under this sorcerer’s spell. They purchased a pair some of my older books and left. I believe this pair is still in Prague. May it not be many more moons before we see each other once more.

Yours in Blood,
Andrej Musil

The Rats of Devil’s Lane,

Rejoice my people! The man children have been rousted from their lair and scattered to the winds. Another building is ours to claim and the man children can be claimed one by one! We owe this bounty to a group of strange visitors. Be wary of them though, for they have brought a giant and a fiery sword with them.

Mengakaz, King of Devil’s Lane



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