Theoderich von Wied

Bishop of Trier


A plump and distinguished man. He dresses in the finest clothing that reflect his station as one of the most prominent holy men in the Region.


Theoderich Von Wied, also known as Theoderich II, by all accounts enjoys all the trappings of his position as the Bishop of Trier. He is also, publicly, an extremely pious man. It is said, “he has a glare that can pierce a man’s soul.” He has denounced heresy and witchcraft continuously during his tenure and has exhorted his congregations and the priests he counsels, to be ever vigilant against the evils that could corrupt men’s souls.

He became aware of the Magi that had taken up residence in the Rhine gorge in the covenant of Rheinstein, when incidents of “possession” and “mind control” were reported in Trier. He rallied the local nobility to use their military to “crush the heretics and burn the witches!” The nobility complied and took the covenant by surprise, leaving no survivors.

Theoderich von Wied

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