Luther Dressler

Lone Redcap


An unassuming young man, Luther appears nervous in the presence of magi or those with obvious authority. He is thin and pale.


Luther was an ungifted apprentice to house Mercere. He had finished his training the year prior to the Cataclysm striking the order and he had not yet been assigned a standard route or even to a Mercere house. He was considered to be a somewhat unreliable Redcap prior, and he has done nothing since the Cataclysm to change that reputation.

The cataclysm struck while he was in residence at one of the chapter houses of the covenant Fengheld. Being the only “Member of the Order” left alive in the chapter house, he grabbed what loot he could and fled. He has recently set himself up in the town of Mainz. Selling his services as a scribe to nobles and the church, while also selling his knowledge of the Tribunal’s history and possible magical sites to magi.

Luther Dressler

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