Imanitos Mendax

Renegade Magus


A middle aged Jerbiton wizard with a well groomed beard. He always appears well dressed. When he looks upon someone with his sparkling blue eyes, they cannot help but think he has their best interests at heart. Those who have met him or spent considerable time around him always have kind things to say about him. His former covenant mates cannot believe the charges that were brought against him and up until the cataclysm decried them as politically motivated.


Imanitos is a Jerbiton wizard from the covenant of Occulos Septentronalis. He was wizards marched at an emergency tribunal in 1217 for dealing with Faeries and Demons to the detriment of his sodalis. He fled punishment and has been on the run ever since. He was last seen near the end of 1219 heading towards Strassburg.

Imanitos Mendax

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