Greta Kaese

Wife of Ludolfus


Age: 20; Gender: Female; Size: 0
Soak: 0
Decrepitude: 0:0; Warping: 0
Personality Traits: Intellectual + 2, Feisty + 2
Reputations: None

Characteristics: Intelligence + 3, Perception + 3; Strength – 3, Stamina – 3; Presence + 1, Communication + 3; Dexterity + 0, Quickness + 0

Virtues and Flaws: Covenfolk, Educated, Privileged Upbringing, Apt Student, Ability Block: Martial, Covenant Upbringing, Fragile Constitution

Abilities: Artes Liberales (Latin Classics) Read/Write German, Latin, Ancient Greek 3:0, Charm (Academics) 3:0, Etiquette (Magi) 2:0, Folk Ken (Academics) 2:0, Language: German (Archaic) 5:0, Language: Ancient Greek (Arcane Texts) 5:0, Language: Latin (Arcane Texts) 5:0, Magic Lore (Creatures) 2:0, Magic Theory (Books) 1:0, Medicine (Physician) 1:0, Philosophiae (Metaphysics) 3:0, Profession: Scribe (Arcane Texts) 5:0

Equipment: Scribe tools and supplies (parchment, quill, ink)

Load: 0; Burden: 0; Encumbrance: 0


Greta is the wife of Ludolfus of Criamon. She was raised among the coven-folk of the Cave of Twisting Shadows, and is therefore accustomed to strange, eerie, tattooed people acting in bizarre fashions. She displayed from an early age an aptitude for the intellectual arts, and no education was denied her. She learned to read Latin and Ancient Greek on spare books from the covenant’s library. Although she has no Gift, her talents as a scribe made her a useful member of the covenant.

When Wilhelmus Frohn began the process of initiating his filius in the “Avenue of Charm and Scorn and the Station that repels and Attracts Elements”, part of the ritual initiation required Ludolfus to marry a woman who was as close to his physical and intellectual opposite as possible. Greta was selected to fill this role. Her response was, essentially, a shrug. She knew Ludolfus, and despite his taciturnity and deformed/tattooed appearance, he seemed gentle and unlikely to be abusive.

There’s no love there. She knows that their marriage plays some esoteric part in the magic that binds Ludolfus to the world. But she also recognizes that it was, in part, this very bond that saved him, and her, from destruction when the magical cataclysm swept through the Cave of Twisting Shadows. She’s fond of him, and supposes that perhaps love could grow eventually. Meanwhile, she tries to collect and save as many books from ruined covenants as she can.

Greta Kaese

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