End Times

On the Road Again

To His Grace of the Vine:

It should please you to know that strangers arrived today and still remembered the old ways. Each of the individuals did present a gift of their essence to you in order to obtain an audience with me on your behalf. When I asked what they sought though, they asked for nothing other than the hospitality of the vineyard. Before they left I gifted them each a token amount of your private vintage. Their offering has been suitably accepted and utilized in the furthernce of your memory. I await your further instructions in this matter.

Your Servant,


Your daughter beseeches you for justice. An interloper named Nymandus did seek to parlay with me in my home. As I was welcoming him to my hospitality, he ordered his filthy minions to attack me! I barely escaped from their duplicitous clutches. He and his servents sail your waters. I beg of you to defend your realm, lineage and good name.These creatures must be taught there are consequences for such crimes.

Your Favorite Daughter,

Ratsmitglied Krämer of Strassburg,

I bring you dark tidings my dear friend. I have learned that my most treasured of pets has reached his end of days. Given your fondness for him and that your bringing us together in the first place, I felt it was my duty to deliver this sad news. I trust you will make our benefactor aware of this devlopment.

Yours In Brotherhood.
Josef Müller Freiherr of Bendorf



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