The Rhine Tribunal

The Rhine Tribunal consists not just of the valley of the River Rhine, but extends, broadly speaking, over all the lands of the Holy Roman Empire north of the Alps. To the north it is bordered by the Jutland peninsula (Denmark), which is nominally territory of the Novgorod Tribunal, although the Order of Hermes has scant presence there. The eastern border, that with the Novgorod Tribunal proper, has been contentious, subject to fluctuation and dispute — the boundary is very roughly approximated by the River Oder, with Poland belonging firmly to Novgorod. To the south, the Rhine Tribunal extends as far as the River Danube (an old Roman border), beyond which lies the Tribunal of the Greater Alps. The notional western border consists of the mouth of the river Schelde, the Ardennes, and the Argonne — beyond lies Flanders and France, territory of the Normandy Tribunal. Magi here descended from a mixture of Roman and Germanic traditions, with the addition of Slavic and Scandinavian influences. Here at the historical center of the Order of Hermes, home to the Grand Tribunal, are to be found within the primeval Forests some of the most ancient covenants, including three Domus Magni; Durenmar, Irencillia and Crintera. (House Bonisagus, Merinita and Bjornaer respectively) No one has seen nor heard from any of the magi of those covenants since the cataclysm and all three covenants are presumed to be lost. Other, newer, covenants are to be found within mundane lands or even cities. The landscape of the Rhine Tribunal is also littered with the ruins of failed covenants, those that have fallen prey to enemies Hermetic or otherwise. A few covenants survived the cataclysm and at least one new covenant has formed in the years since.

Customs of the Rhine Tribunal
Several unique customs of the Rhine Tribunal have been written into the peripheral code:

Several different languages are spoken in the Rhine Tribunal. You can read about them here.


The Rhine Tribunal

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