Dossier and Character Creation (Sigrun)



Sigrun is a large, female warrior who dresses and behaves as a man. Her upbringing as a smith and her apprenticeship in the Milites make her a very physically-capable magus.




Sigrun was born to a family that had no sons. She learned her father’s trade of smithing from a very young age. The forge developed her Improved Characteristics (x2), including her Great Strength (x2) and Great Stamina (x2). But its endless clanging left Sigrun with Poor Hearing for the rest of her life.

Sigrun’s masculine traits and roles lent to her becoming a habitual Transvestite, living and laboring as would a young male even before she was taken as an apprentice. But the threat of Sigrun’s Large size and Wrathful temper let her avoid much of the ridicule this might otherwise have engendered.

Sigrun is now a Hermetic Magus with The Gift. She bears the mark of House Flambeau; her affinity for fire magic takes the form of Deft Ignem and Puissant Ignem. Sigrun is also part of the Milites, an order of knighthood within the house. The Milites’ combat regimens make hearty apprentices. They made Sigrun a tireless Warrior, Tough of body, with an unrelenting, Enduring Constitution.

The non-scholastic method of Sigrun’s education makes her a Weak Scholar and any further magical training demands an environmentally-immersive Study Requirement. Those who would learn from Sigrun likewise find her instructions Incomprehensible, interwoven with her parens’ particular religious and chivalric doctrines.


Sigrun possesses an average intellect, sufficient for apprenticeship but not inspiring. Her childhood training in the arts of the smithy taught her to habitually narrow the focus of her attention, and it left her with recurrent ringing in her ears.

+ 0 Intelligence, – 3 Perception

Sigrun was large even from birth and, given the great physical exertions required throughout her lifetime, she has incredible reserves of strength and an unmatched capacity for endurance.

+ 5 Strength, + 5 Stamina

Despite a few burns and scars, Sigrun’s appearance (without her helmet) can still turn a few heads. But she has no capacity for charming with words; indeed she has no social arts to speak of.

+ 1 Presence, – 3 Communication

Sigrun’s physical power is quickly evident in battle, but her secret weapon, the advantage she can claim over other large warriors, is her unexpected speed and agility.

+ 3 Dexterity, + 3 Quickness


Sigrun grew up in the small hamlet of Treffurt in Central Germany. Her family owned an inn, a stable, and a blacksmith. Sigrun’s early childhood included a lot of manual labor, tussling and throwing stones with older children, and swimming in the River Werra.

Athletics (Manual Labor) 2:0
Brawl (Ranged Defense) 2:0
Language: German (Commoners) 5:0
Swim (Strong Currents) 2:0


As soon as she was old enough, Sigrun learned to work the forge and to care for the horses in the stable. Although she found other projects more interesting, a smith’s trade is dominated by the work of shoeing horses.

Animal Handling (Horses) 1:0
Carouse (Staying Sober) 1:0
Chirurgy (Animals) 2:0
Concentration (Distracting Sounds) 2:0
Craft: Smith (Repairs) 2:0
Ride (In Battle) 2:0
Stealth (Camouflage) 1:0


Sigrun is fully-competent wizard, and was able to demonstrate full, basic proficiency during her gauntlet. But her apprenticeship did not include anything more than a fundamental grasp of the Arts. Sigrun learned some Ignem as the chance byproduct of her natural affinity for that Form and some Vim incidental to her study of divinity.

Ignem 5:0
Vim 4:0

Sigrun’s academic training likewise gave her no more than a basic, minimal proficiency in all expected areas, with one exception. Sigrun’s parens insisted that she devote the final portion of her apprenticeship to the sole purpose of training Parma Magica.

Artes Liberales (Ceremonial Magic) [Read/Write German, Latin] 2:0
Language: Latin (Learning from Books) 3:0
Magic Theory (Ignem) 3:0
Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (History) 1:0
Parma Magica (Ignem) 4:0

Most of Sigrun’s “apprenticeship” was taken up with the martial skills needed for the Milites: the ability to use a lance on foot or horseback, the ability to fire a longbow in formation, and the ability to stand the line of battle with a knight’s sword and shield.

Bows (Longbow) 2:0
Great Weapon (Long Spear) 1:0
Single Weapon (Longsword) 3:0
Weapon Mastery: Longsword (Arrow Cutting, Heavy Strike, Subduing Strike) 3:0
Weapon Mastery: Heater Shield (Shield Expert x3) 3:0

Sigrun’s parens was deeply religious, as many knights were, so Sigrun was given the basics of a religious education.

Theology (Apologist Magi) 1:0

Sigrun learned a number of low-level formulaic spells in the Forms of Ignem and Vim. She mastered some of these spells.

Bite of Ice (Pe Ig 15)
Blade of Virulent Flame (Cr Ig 15)
Circular Ward Against Demons (Re Vi 10)
Cleave the Wizard’s Shield (Pe Vi 5)
Flash of the Scarlet Flames (Cr Ig 15)
Lamp Without Flame (Cr Ig 10)
Personal Ward Against Heat and Flame (Re Ig 15)
Revelation of Heat’s Light (In Ig 15)
Touch of the Demon’s Oblivion (Pe Vi 5)
Verutum of Fire (Cr Ig 15)

Spell Mastery: Bite of Ice (Touch Attack) 1:0
Spell Mastery: Cleave the Wizard’s Shield (Touch Attack) 1:0
Spell Mastery: Personal Ward Against Heat and Flame (Fast Casting) 1:0
Spell Mastery: Touch of the Demon’s Oblivion (Touch Attack) 1:0


Following her gauntlet, Sigrun returned to her childhood home. She converted her father’s forge to a temporary laboratory, which she used to craft a talisman longsword. For the pommel of this weapon, Sigrun incorporated her Hermetic sigil, a heavy brass disc inlaid with red coral in the shape of the Maltese Cross.


Season 1: Preparation for Enchantment. The particular item is Sigrun’s Hermetic Sigil, now affixed as the pommel of a longsword. It is a heavy brass disc inlaid with red coral in the shape of the Maltese Cross. This requires five pawns of Vim vis to prepare, using the highest requirement of any single component (the brass of the disc). Base Metal (Material 5) x Tiny (Size 1) = 5. If the pommel is ever removed from the sword, any effect that relies upon the shape bonus of the sword is ruined.

  • Brass: Ignem + 3 (Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults p137), Music + 3 (Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults p137), Demons, Devils, and Angels + 4 (Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults p137, Realms of Power: Infernal p123)
  • Red Coral: Versus demons + 10 (Ars Magica fifth edition p110)
  • Cross: Banish demons + 5 (Realms of Power: Infernal p123), Cause damage to infernal creatures + 5 (Realms of Power: Infernal p123), Ward away supernatural + 5 (Realms of Power: Infernal p123, Realms of Power: Divine p138)
  • Sword: Block single attack + 3 (Ars Magica fifth edition p110), Harm human and animal bodies + 4 (Ars Magica fifth edition p110)

Season 2: Attuned Talisman. The longsword with the Maltese Cross-pommel becomes Sigrun’s talisman. Attuned bonus: “Ignem + 3”

Season 3: Preparation for Enchantment. Added 5 pawns of Vim vis to the talisman sigil (now 10 total). Attuned bonus: “Versus Demons + 10”

Season 4: Preparation for Enchantment. Added 5 pawns of Vim vis to the talisman sigil (now 15 total). Attuned bonus: “Ward away supernatural + 5”


Penetration (Vim) 3:0


Compassionate + 3, Brave + 3, Temperate + 3






Carried: Full Chain Mail (Protection 9, Load 6), Heater Shield (Init + 0, Atk + 0, Dfn + 3, Dam + 0, Str + 0, Load 2), Longsword (Init + 2, Atk + 4, Dfn + 1, Dam + 6, Str + 0, Load 1), Belt pouch with 10 Pawns of Vim Vis

On Horse: Saddle with Saddle Bags, Camp Roll, Cooking Kit, Lance (Init + 2, Atk + 2, Dfn + 0, Dam + 5, Str – 1, Load 1), Longbow (Init – 2, Atk + 4, Dfn + 0, Dam + 8, Str + 2, Load 2), 2 Cases of 21 Arrows each, Warhammer (Init + 0, Atk + 6, Dfn + 0, Dam + 12, Str + 2, Load 3)

16 Load (4 Burden), 0 Encumbrance


1. Who is your parens? What are they like? Where are they from? Did they survive the magical cataclysm?

Ingaret, Sr. Bronze Lance of the Milites. Dour and taciturn, Ingaret is deeply religious and strict. Her position in the Milites is scholastic, but Ingaret vicariously insisted that Sigrun receive all the warrior training that Ingaret never got.

Ingaret retreated to France in the early days of the magical cataclysm and has not been seen since.

2. Do you have mundane family? Where do they live? What do they do?

Sigrun’s family owns an inn, stable, and smithy in the small hamlet of Treffurt, in Central Germany. They attend to travelers and their horses, and they perform various smithing duties for the town. Sigrun briefly returned to her family after her fifteen-year apprenticeship was over. But those relationships were long-strained. Worse, they wanted Sigrun to stop behaving as a man and get married. It wasn’t long before Sigrun moved on.

3. Do you have any investment in some aspect of mundane society? If so, what is it?

Sigrun found that most of society held the same opinions about her manly mannerisms as did her family. She has tried to avoid social contacts and has mostly cut ties with mundane society.

4. How does your character view the magical cataclysm? How did your parens, if they are alive, deal with it?

Sigrun wanders like an itinerant knight without a purpose now that the Order seems to have collapsed. Her parens, Ingaret, headed back to France and has not been heard from since. Sigrun views the cataclysm as the source for her isolation, a terrible event that destroyed the only world she felt comfortable in.

Dossier and Character Creation (Sigrun)

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