Character Concept Starter

Several of the players for this game have never played Ars Magica before. And as one pointed out, reading the books is rather like reading Latin. In order to help alleviate some of the anxiety, and to get the creative juices flowing, I will be posting several possible character concepts for each house here. In addition, many of these concepts can easily be adapted to different houses or even magical styles. So do not feel like this is a limiting list or in any way constrains your imagination. This is strictly to make conceptualizing easier.


  • Magical Mystery Seeker: This is a character obsessed with magic. Finding lost magic, studying magic and integrating non-hermetic magic with Hermetic Theory. Specializing in magic theory and in Intelligo as a technique, the Seeker looks to discover knowledge that has been lost. This type of character would be very hands on in expeditions to magical sites and lost covenants.
  • Rock of the Order: The feelings of loss are strong in this one. A political wizard wishing to rebuild the trust between magi that was lost after the cataclysm. More intrigue and social magic focused, this character is interested in rebuilding the Order and returning the tribunal to business as usual.


  • Natural Wizard: While having a heartbeast and being a full Bjornear, this wizard is also a member of the lineage that practices “Natural Magic.” From the lineage of the survivors of Myanar, this wizard specializes in knowledge of forests and their secrets as well as Herbam and other natural forms.
  • Feral Avenger: Having a noble heartbeast such as a bear, wolf, stag or bird of prey, this Bjornear feels a need to fight back against the hedge wizards, shapeshifters and mundanes that are encroaching on the lands of his people and soiling the wild places that his heart calls home. Specializing in more combat oriented magic and delving deep in the mysteries of the heartbeast.


  • The Zealot: To House Criamon, final twilight is considered a blessed reward for magi. And so to this magi, the cataclysm is viewed as something akin to The Rapture. This magi could be obsessed with causing the dreadful event again, or obsess over why they were not taken in the event as well.

Ex Miscellanea

  • Spirit Talker: Descended from a tradition of hedge wizards that dealt with “natural spirits,” this magi deals with or enslaves daemons and other natural spirits such as elementals to serve them and to power their magic. Drawing their strength from primal forces at the heart of the wild, this wizard seeks to preserve the wilderness in order for it to be magically exploited.


  • Gang Leader: Flambeau taught his followers to be the Knights of the order. After the cataclysm that takes on a new meaning. Perhaps the leader of an outlaw band, a pirate king or a group of witch hunters. This wizard specializes in finding and destroying enemies of the order. Or perhaps they are focused on building their own mundane power base to augment their magical standing.
  • Lone Warrior: A combat focused wizard that is roaming the countryside looking for a home. Having lost his covenant mates or their parens, this wizard seeks out others of a like mind, while slaying enemies of the order or those found to be unworthy.


  • Judge Dread: “I am the Law.” There is nothing standing between anarchy and the Order after the cataclysm. Nothing except those willing to enforce the code. A roving judge, jury and executioner, this magi focuses on keeping the peace and structure that the order provided by investigating crimes and dealing out hermetic justice.


  • Court Wizard: This Jerbiton serves in the court of a noble or may even secretly control said noble. He works as a liaison between the magical and mundane world. Either to control the mundane world or to protect the magical one from possible mundane threats.
  • Glimmer Man: Specializing in illusions and trickery. The Glimmer Man is fascinated by beauty, art and all things appealing. Socially adaptable, he is the ideal face man for a group or organization.


  • Preserver of the Order: Knowledge is power. And the knowledge of the Order is in peril. This wizard seeks to find, catalog and store the knowledge of the Order for future generations. Not just magical knowledge. The history, stories and legends and laws of the Order are also valuable to keep. A born librarian or historian, this wizard takes the long view. Not seeking out treasures for personal power or glory, but in order to preserve as much of what was lost as is possible.


  • Faerie Promoter: With the removal of so many wizards who were likely plundering faerie sites for vis, the opportunity is ripe for the fae to make a strong comeback and assert themselves in the realm of man again. And who better to act as their liason? The faerie promoter looks to use the fae as a means of “purifying” magic in the world. Acting as a diplomat to the courts of summer and winter as well as someone seeking to fully incorporate fae magic into hermetic theory.


  • Investigator for the Order: House Tremere is particularly interested in the stability of the order. As such it is in their best interests to find the cause for the cataclysm and ensure it does not happen again. Only through cooperation can the order flourish. And it is this character who will find the cause, and hopefully, the cure.


  • Power Seeker: There is a mighty power vacuum left after the cataclysm. And this is just the magi to fill it. With little to no oversight from the Order and the Code of Hermes being more like guidelines, the power seeker looks to take advantage of the situation. Standing on the shoulders of giants to carve out their spot at the top of the food chain. Either in the mundane world or in the magical one.


  • The Collector: Finding new magic items and learning how they function is a pleasure that this magi delights in. Nothing is more rewarding to them, then to find a previously unknown item and discover what it does and how it works. Then, cataloging it and adding it to their collection of items.
  • Sanctum Buster: Wizards are a suspicious and paranoid lot. Many of them set traps, wards and protections on their sanctums and labs. This wizard accepts that challenge and seeks to bypass those defenses in order to plunder the secrets of the lost wizards. Focusing on Intelligo, Perdo and Vim, this specialist attempts to discover and then disarm the defenses of the Order. Thereby, allowing he and his compatriots to gain the knowledge and power that would otherwise be kept locked away.

Character Concept Starter

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