Ch 11 Obstacles


Defense Total: Instead of rolling a Stress Die against each attack, simply add six. This “straight-six” is treated as a roll result, so any bonuses or penalties to rolls will modify it.

Melee Attack Total Modifiers:

Attacker is prone ( –1)
Attacker has high ground ( +1)
Defender is prone ( +1)

Missile Attack Total Modifiers:

Shooter is in melee ( –1 per assailant, up to –3)
Shooter moved this (or the prior) round ( –2)
Target is running ( –1)
Target is in melee ( –1 per assailant, up to –3)
Target is prone ( –1)
Target is at least half covered or concealed ( –2)


If two or more characters choose to delay, and both wish to interrupt the same action (or one another), both add a stress die to their initiative totals determine who acts first.


This campaign only uses the group combat rules in rare circumstances, typically when only one player character is involved. Otherwise, combat in this campaign is very individualized.


Freeform Combat (Stances): At the start of each round, each player must declare if her character is attempting to take a rearward stance. (All other characters take a forward stance.)

Rearward characters are farther from the action. They are protected from the rush of foes and can more easily perform ranged attacks. But characters can only take a rearward stance if they have enough allies to block for them.

On open ground, rearward stance is only possible if the number of forward allies is at least half the number of forward enemies. In tighter quarters, this number changes at the discretion of the Storyguide. For example, in a narrow hallway, one forward ally can block any number of forward enemies.

Characters in the rearward stance can be targeted at range without any penalty, by missile weapons, spells, and the like. A melee attacker can only reach a rearward person by rushing: she must beat one of the forward defending characters in opposed stress rolls of Size + Strength as part of her attack. The defending character adds 6 to her roll, plus her shield’s Defense bonus, if any. Rushing must be rolled for each attack against rearward foes.

Characters in the forward stance cannot use ranged two-handed weapons. (One-handed ranged weapons can be used.)

Forward spellcasters must pass a Hard (ease factor 12) Concentration check or their spells fail in the surge of pressing foes. The ease factor goes up to 15 if the spellcaster has already been damaged this round. (No check is required for fast cast effects.)

A grappled character cannot change stances; her position on the field is determined by the circumstances.


Rapier: Single Weapon Ability, +3 Init, +4 Atk, +2 Dfn, +5 Dam, -1 Str, 1 Load, Exp Cost
Crossbow: Bows Ability, +3 Init, +2 Atk, 0 Dfn, +10 Dam, 0 Str, 2 Load, Exp Cost, 10 Rng

Ch 11 Obstacles

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