Ch 04 Virtues and Flaws

Mysteries: The Mystery Cult Houses (Bjornaer, Criamon, Merenita, Verditius) all exist in one form or another. Other mystery-cults, however, have more or less died out. This game emphasizes the baseline Order of Hermes and de-emphasizes the many various secretive mystery cults published in other sourcebooks at character creation. They are not explicitly disallowed, but are discouraged without excellent reason.

Personal Vis Source: This virtue yields 1 pawn of vis per 4 seasons granted for advancement.

Social Status: Many magi have been forced to integrated more closely into society. All characters have the Hermetic Magus Social Status virtue for free, but may also take other Social Status virtues or flaws if approved by the Storyguide.

Wealthy: Magi may take this virtue. Replace the text with this:
Minor, General You are a rich member of society. Whether a landed noble, or from a family of merchants or craftsman, you’ve had every advantage in life. You receive one additional Confidence point each session, and are assumed to have enough funds and credit to cover most any reasonable expense.

Ch 04 Virtues and Flaws

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