Ch 03 Characters

All characters are considered Hermetic magi for purposes of character creation.

Getting New Confidence Points (p. 20). Ignore this section and replace with the following:

All characters will receive a set number of Confidence Points at the beginning of each game session. Any points not spent during the session are lost, to be replaced by a new set at the beginning of the subsequent session. The number of points granted is based on the character’s Confidence Score:

Score 1 = 3 points
Score 2 = 5 points
Score 3 = 7 points
Score 4 = 9 points
Detailed Character Creation Summary (chart p. 29)
The following modifications apply to the chart

6. Later Life: Most magi enter formal Hermetic training at age 10. Therefore, characters will typically have 75 experience points in this step unless they’re Wealthy or Poor.

7. Hermetic Magi Only: Apprenticeship: You get the usual 240 base experience points. These points cannot be used to buy an Art rated higher than 10. You must also purchase the following minimum abilities:

Latin: 3 (30 xp)
Magic Theory: 3 (30 xp)
Artes Liberales: 2 (15 xp)
Organization Lore: Order of Hermes: 1 (5 xp)
Parma Magica: 1 (5 xp)

8. Hermetic Magi Only: This campaign is focused toward young magi. Characters are not allowed more than 2 post-apprenticeship years.

All characters may enter play with 6 pawns of vis of their choice of arts.

Ch 03 Characters

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