Campaign Focus and Theme

The primary themes and focus for this campaign are magical exploration, revival and renewal. The characters will be focused on salvaging as much magical knowledge from before the cataclysm as they can. Before it is lost to time or the pilfering of hedge wizards and mundanes seeking wealth, power and knowledge. They will be investigating ruins for items, books and vis. In addition they may seek out lost magical power, fight hedge wizards, and investigate what befell the magi before them.

Because of the action / adventure theme, certain systems have been changed, as noted under the Rules portion of this wiki.

I will be awarding Confidence Points at the beginning of each game session (3, or 5 with the Self Confident virtue, +1 with Wealth virtue) and will award “seasons” of experience at the end of each game session (typically 2, but sometimes more for a particularly eventful session with major story goals accomplished, and maybe less for particularly short games).

The year is 1220 and the survivors of the great magical cataclysm are starting to regroup. Many of them were soon to be or newly released apprentices. These young, inexperienced magi have found each other in the intervening years and have formed small troupes for protection. One such band is our heroes. Itinerant wizards who have realized that they are the last line of defense between magical enlightenment and the rise of dark hedge wizards.

Campaign Focus and Theme

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