End Times

Making Friends and Influencing People

To: Seneschal Edgar Dehne

Lord Seneshal,

Last evening was one of the mroe eventful we have seen in recent memory. A bar fight broke out several hours after sunset. The results were that one of the citizens was stabbed in the neck and killed. The perpitrator, Gerwald Fichte, was apprehended shortly thereafter hiding in an alleyway. His two compatriots escaped our questioning, but by all accounts they were not active participants in the disturbance or the slaying. Upon questioning it was discovered that he is a member of the notorious Bohn Knights, a pirate, highwayman and murderer wanted in several other territories within the Empire. Unfortunately, he appears to have been significantly more difficult to hold than to capture. By all accounts he simply walked out of the guard house sometime in the early hours of the morning. His cell was still locked and there appears to be no damage to the guard house at all. The other prisiners also claim to have seen or heard nothing. He is at large and we are preparing a hunting party to track him down.

In other news, two of our guards were found murdered near the market by merchants preparing to open their stalls for the day. A single arrow was found in one of their throats. The other had his throat cut. There is no motive or other information at this time. It is possible, the Bohn Knights were visiting vengeance upon the town for apprehending one of their own.

Prepared by: Otto Grün Sgt at Arms Trier Town Guard

To His Grace, Bishop von Wied,

As requested I have reviewed the reports sent from Landgraf Kunst. The confessions and revelations of the survivor are indeed, troubling. As luck would have it, the very same Nymandus depicted in these reports arrived here in Trier with his companions in tow. In general, the companions I met, fit the description given in the reports. However, there was no giant covered in tattoos. And while none of them brandished their swords, I can assure you that I saw no indication of blades made of hellfire.

I spoke with Nymandus at length last evening. He is an affable sort, very keen on his own greatness and the spinning of tales. While he does share similarities with other vagabonds or minstriels, something tells me there is more to him then he lets on. If he is an infernal sorceror, he hides it well. I would suggest we arrange a meeting so that you might better suss out the truth behind the stories.

Father Kaspar Lobe

On the Road Again

To His Grace of the Vine:

It should please you to know that strangers arrived today and still remembered the old ways. Each of the individuals did present a gift of their essence to you in order to obtain an audience with me on your behalf. When I asked what they sought though, they asked for nothing other than the hospitality of the vineyard. Before they left I gifted them each a token amount of your private vintage. Their offering has been suitably accepted and utilized in the furthernce of your memory. I await your further instructions in this matter.

Your Servant,


Your daughter beseeches you for justice. An interloper named Nymandus did seek to parlay with me in my home. As I was welcoming him to my hospitality, he ordered his filthy minions to attack me! I barely escaped from their duplicitous clutches. He and his servents sail your waters. I beg of you to defend your realm, lineage and good name.These creatures must be taught there are consequences for such crimes.

Your Favorite Daughter,

Ratsmitglied Krämer of Strassburg,

I bring you dark tidings my dear friend. I have learned that my most treasured of pets has reached his end of days. Given your fondness for him and that your bringing us together in the first place, I felt it was my duty to deliver this sad news. I trust you will make our benefactor aware of this devlopment.

Yours In Brotherhood.
Josef Müller Freiherr of Bendorf

For Whom the Bell Tolls

To Eckhardt Kunst; Landgraf of Rudesheim,

My Lord, I regret to inform you that there has been an incident on Pfalz island. Last evening, the fortress on the island collapsed into rubble or unknown reasons. The bodies of most of the members of the Riverman’s Guild were discovered to litter the island. The carnage was significant with most of the men cut to indistinguishable pieces. In the early hours of the morning 3 members of the garrison were found wandering, injured and incoherent. They had no memory of the past few days and could answer no questions about what transpired on Pfalz Island or happened to their compatriots.

The one spot of good news in all of this is one survivor turned up late in the day who did remember the details of the incident. He has refused to answer questions however for fear that his mortal soul is in jeopardy. He has requested an audience with yourself and the Bishop von Wied to discuss these events.

I am personally, skeptical of the veracity of his claims or the authenticity of his story given the severe memory problems afflicting his associates. So I shall leave the matter to you and your discretion. He is in custody here in Kaub and I can have him transported to you at your direction. I have taken the liberty of sending a copy of this missive to the Bishop Trier on the off chance he shows any interest in the tales of this guardsman or that you find his story to be credible.

Werner Apfelbaum, Berger of Kaub

Forgotten Things

To Boris, House Mercere, Occulos Septentronalis:

In keeping with your instructions, I am informing you of the possibility of a group of magi whom may be interested in helping to rebuild the tribunal as a functioning polity.

This collective of young magi sought me out for information about the tribunal in general and the Rhine valley in particular. I provided them with some historical context for the previous covenants in the valley in exchange for a substantial fee in silver. They have asked me to research additional items for them so that they can best approach their plans of “rescuing the lost relics of the order.” These magi were ostensibly led by a Merinita by the name of Nymandus. This silver tongued gentleman, did most of the talking for his compatriots. I gave him the stack of tribunal rulings and the locations of the various covenants that had been founded in the Rhine valley.

It is my opinion that they intend to loot as many abandoned sites as possible before they settle down to work towards their own personal goals. Prior to that point, however, I believe that they could be convinced to aid you in your project. Their first stop was to be at the fallen Covenant of Rhinestein. Once they have completed their investigations of the middle Rhine they are to meet me in Trier. You will be able to contact me there as well.

-Luther Dressler

In truth, the characters did loot the magical remnants of Rhinestein after confronting several ghosts. The characters found a total of 33 pawns of vis and a selection of books and lab texts. Most notable was the Nibelungenlied. All of which can be found on the Spoils page. 2 seasons were awarded at the end of the game.

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