Mieszko "Herbert" Wojewódka

Ghostly Warder


When Mieszko was alive, he was a scholar and a lay clergyman in the eastern part of Germany. He was set upon by highwaymen as he approached Neusass and was slain for the contents of his travel bag. In his current incarnation, he attached himself to a young boy named Anton. He sensed greatness and power in the child and was surprised to discover that the boy could see and hear him.

Overjoyed at having a possible companion, Mieszko wasted no time instructing the boy in the basics of latin, both spoken and written. Anton had trouble pronouncing Mieszko and so the boy simply referred to him as “Herbert.” A name that Mieszko has done little to dissuade the boy from using.

Mieszko has some plan in mind for Anton. Although his intentions are not known at this time. But he has actively encouraged the boy in his studies of spirits and the dead for some reason.

Mieszko "Herbert" Wojewódka

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