Leyna Von Rache

Beloved Rival


An elegant and charismatic young woman with an obvious aristocratic demeanor.


Born the youngest daughter of the ruling family of Magdeburg, Leyna wanted for nothing as a child. She had the best tutors and friends that money could buy. It was only due to strange manifestations of her gift that she was even noticed by one of the Magi of Fengheld. A Tytalus wizard named Theophilus.

During her apprenticeship, Theophilus encouraged her natural inclinations in Intelligo and Rego. It was also at this time that he began to tell her stories of his lost love, Clothilde Achterberg. Another Tytalus wizard of some repute whom had once been his everything, until they had a terrible falling out. The two have been political rivals ever since. These stories became the basis for the rivalry that would develop between Leyna and Conrad Bohn, the filius of Clothilde.

Leyna is now a member of Fengheld filling the place her parens left after his disappearance during the Cataclysm.

Leyna Von Rache

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