Fendrel Starshot

Orphaned Apprentice, Young Woodsman


Name: Fendrel; Age: 15; Gender: Male; Size: + 0
Soak: 12 (Stamina 3, Virtue 3, Armor 6)
Confidence: 2/5; Decrepitude: 0:0; Warping: 0:0
Personality Traits: Daring + 4, Folksy + 3, Secretive + 5
Reputations: Famous Legatee (Order of Hermes) 3:0, Vagrant (Local) 2:0

Ranger_II.jpgCharacteristics: Intelligence + 0, Perception + 4, Strength + 2, Stamina + 3, Presence + 1, Communication – 3, Dexterity +5, Quickness +5

Virtues and Flaws: Arcane Lore, Blood of Heroes, Comprehend Magic, Great Characteristic x5, Heroes’ Birthright x3, Improved Characteristics x5, Privileged Upbringing, Second Sight, Tough, Wilderness Sense; Avaricious, Heroic Personality, Lycanthrope, Legacy, Magical Air, Outlaw

Abilities: Athletics (Climbing) 2:0, Area Lore (Rhine River) 1:5, Artes Liberales (Astronomy) [German, Latin] 2:0, Awareness (Outdoors) 2:0, Bows (Long Bow) 5:0, Brawl (Dodging) 4:0, Code of Hermes (Sanctum Law) 1:0, Comprehend Magic (Enchantments) 2:0, Faerie Lore (Faerie Forests) 2:0, Folk Ken (The Authorities) 1:0, Hunt (Tracking) 1:0, Language: German (Pagan Societies) 5:0, Language: Latin (Correct Grammar) 4:0, Legerdemain (Picking Locks) 2:0, Magic Lore (Creatures) 1:5, Magic Theory (Helping in the Lab) 5:17, Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (Personalities) 1:0, Profession: Boatman (Rough Water) 1:0, Profession: Cook (Camp Cooking) 1:0, Profession: Scribe (Copying) 2:0, Second Sight (Invisible Things) 1:0, Single Weapon (Short Sword) 3:0, Stealth (Forests) 1:0, Survival (Forests) 1:0, Swim (Submerged) 2:0, Weapon Mastery: Long Bow [Mobile Firing, Point Blank, Precise Shot] 3:0, Weapon Mastery: Short Sword [Finesse, Two Weapon Fighting] 2:0, Wilderness Sense (Forests) 1:0


Equipment: Load 8 (Burden 2), Encumbrance 0

Carried: Partial Chain Mail, Long Bow, Quiver with 11 Arrows, 2 Short Swords, 4 Daggers, Belt Pouch with 38 pawns of Vis (10 Rego, 2 Corpus, 6 Auram, 4 Terram, 16 Vim)


History: Fendrel is the natural child of a famous Quaesitor, the young archmage Nickolaus Werther of Vienna. An itinerant Pralician magus named Jaecar uncovered Fendrel’s parentage while investigating the boy as a potential apprentice. Jaecar trained Fendrel in isolation to avoid any competing claims to this promising young apprentice.

Unfortunately, Jaecar and his two custos died in a magical accident less than halfway into Fendrel’s teaching, and the boy was left to wander the Black Forest fending for himself. Fendrel survived on the fringes of society and it wasn’t until his fifteenth winter that Fendrel encountered the remnants of the Order of Hermes.

Fendrel lives at the fringes of society, in the occasional company of vagabonds, rangers, and other ill-bred types. The remnant of his Gift still impedes his ability to socialize with normal people. In order to survive, Fendrel became skilled at stalking and hiding; he is particularly adapted to forest life. Fendrel hunts with a powerful langbogen (longbow) and has two short swords (and a collection of knives) that deter threats from humans.

Fendrel’s short apprenticeship taught him Latin and Hermetic customs. It also gave him a firm grounding in the theory of Hermetic magic; Fendrel is capable of some very meager spell work. For example, he can produce light, levitate slowly into the air, and corrode metal objects. Independent of these minor spells, Fendrel also has the natural ability to recognize magic in the environment around him.


Fendrel Starshot

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