Bohn Knights

An Outlaw Band working along the Rhine


This is a collection of thugs, criminals and mercenaries that all follow the notorious bandit leader, Conrad Bohn. They ply their nefarious trade against small river craft and unwary settlements up and down the Rhine.


While there have been many members of this gang of miscreants, the numbers have dwindled recently due to death and capture. The remaining members are listed here:

Gerwald Fichte:
Some men fall into a life of crime, others are born into it. Gerwald Fichte is a criminal’s criminal. He relishes his crimes and never misses an opportunity to inflict petty cruelties on those deemed to not be his equal or superior. He is a wanted man across the Rhinelands for a variety of offenses that range from poaching to murder.

Günter Elser:
A large, brute of a man, Günter is an intimidating figure. Not exceptionally imaginative, clever or bright; most of his crimes include assault, robbery and other acts of thuggery and intimidation. He has the mark of a criminal branded on his left cheek.

Till Abderhalden:
Born to a woodsman, Till is skilled a jack of all trades and the primary boatsman of the group. He has managed to avoid much attention from the authorities by remaining with the boat and supplies during most of the group’s raiding activities.

Torben Hegewald:
A Swiss gambler who is able to hold his liquor better than most men his size. He is a wanted outlaw in Switzerland for various acts of graft, fraud, theft and for seducing the daughter of a particularly overprotective noble.

Marco Höss:
The 6th born child and 4th son of a successful swineherd, Marco was sent away to a monastery at a young age. Although he excelled at his studies, he chafed at the rigid nature of monastic life. So at age 15 he fled the monastery to make his own way. He started with petty crimes, but graduated to more elaborate tricks, cons and grafts to make his living before joining the Bohn Knights.

Wenzel Güldenstädt:
A former soldier who served the army of Archbishop Engelbert II of Berg, Wenzel was discharged after he was grievously wounded in a skirmish between Imperial forces and the Duke of Lorraine, when his shield arm was crushed by a war hammer and healed poorly. Having no lands or means of self support, he turned to banditry.


Bohn Knights

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