End Times

The Village

To Her Eminence, Brightest light of Winter, Purifier of the Land, Extinguisher and Renewer of all living things, Merciful Queen of Ice and Snow,

As your most humble of servants I have done as you asked and kept an eye on the borders of your kingdom. It is my privilege to report that a collection of strangers arrived at the hamlet of Waldheim. These strangers rooted their way through the hamlet’s agricultural assets, stealing anything they thought to be unnatural as they went.
One of their number, a beast who threatened your servant with an arrow, did set out into the woods and begin to make his way further into your domain. He eventual did come across your destitute brother at his camp. Instead of waking him, he stole your brother’s coin purse. The rest of these interlopers did then awake Sigfried and ask what he was doing out there. Upon hearing of his plight and listening to his requests for aid, they promptly turned and left. It would seem your brother will not be acquiring any additional aid this year to support his claim to your throne.

All praise to your radiance,



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