End Times

Nights of Blood and Fire

My Dear Friend Rupert,

I am undone! My library has been plundered and my books have been taken. How the thieves gained entry to it is an absolute mystery to me. It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that among the stolen tomes was the book you lent to me, The Edicts of Augustus. What is more the shame and pity was how close I feel I was to uncovering the exact locations that the emperor used as the seat of his spiritual power. I seek your forgiveness in the loss of your irreplaceable book. I assure you, that I have sent word throughout my bishopric to keep an eye out for these “Bohn Knights” who no doubt were the ones behind this theft as well as a series of murders and other unsavory disappearances in Trier. If the rumors are true, they are led by a sorcerer of some power. I warn you of them as they also stole our correspondence I had retained. Your collection may be at further risk of loss if they are headed to Strasburg. Be ever vigilant.

Your Friend,



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