End Times

Forgotten Things

To Boris, House Mercere, Occulos Septentronalis:

In keeping with your instructions, I am informing you of the possibility of a group of magi whom may be interested in helping to rebuild the tribunal as a functioning polity.

This collective of young magi sought me out for information about the tribunal in general and the Rhine valley in particular. I provided them with some historical context for the previous covenants in the valley in exchange for a substantial fee in silver. They have asked me to research additional items for them so that they can best approach their plans of “rescuing the lost relics of the order.” These magi were ostensibly led by a Merinita by the name of Nymandus. This silver tongued gentleman, did most of the talking for his compatriots. I gave him the stack of tribunal rulings and the locations of the various covenants that had been founded in the Rhine valley.

It is my opinion that they intend to loot as many abandoned sites as possible before they settle down to work towards their own personal goals. Prior to that point, however, I believe that they could be convinced to aid you in your project. Their first stop was to be at the fallen Covenant of Rhinestein. Once they have completed their investigations of the middle Rhine they are to meet me in Trier. You will be able to contact me there as well.

-Luther Dressler

In truth, the characters did loot the magical remnants of Rhinestein after confronting several ghosts. The characters found a total of 33 pawns of vis and a selection of books and lab texts. Most notable was the Nibelungenlied. All of which can be found on the Spoils page. 2 seasons were awarded at the end of the game.



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