End Times

For Whom the Bell Tolls

To Eckhardt Kunst; Landgraf of Rudesheim,

My Lord, I regret to inform you that there has been an incident on Pfalz island. Last evening, the fortress on the island collapsed into rubble or unknown reasons. The bodies of most of the members of the Riverman’s Guild were discovered to litter the island. The carnage was significant with most of the men cut to indistinguishable pieces. In the early hours of the morning 3 members of the garrison were found wandering, injured and incoherent. They had no memory of the past few days and could answer no questions about what transpired on Pfalz Island or happened to their compatriots.

The one spot of good news in all of this is one survivor turned up late in the day who did remember the details of the incident. He has refused to answer questions however for fear that his mortal soul is in jeopardy. He has requested an audience with yourself and the Bishop von Wied to discuss these events.

I am personally, skeptical of the veracity of his claims or the authenticity of his story given the severe memory problems afflicting his associates. So I shall leave the matter to you and your discretion. He is in custody here in Kaub and I can have him transported to you at your direction. I have taken the liberty of sending a copy of this missive to the Bishop Trier on the off chance he shows any interest in the tales of this guardsman or that you find his story to be credible.

Werner Apfelbaum, Berger of Kaub



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